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Products and Services - Oil, Gas, LNG Plant and Industrial Process Equipment
Electrical Panel Fabricator Main panel box,panel distribution box, Main control centre panel
Fabrication & Installation Piping Works, WellHead Pipe Works
Fabrication and Reverse Engineeing for Broach Plate Material Hasteloy,Incoloy Steel & Burner Tip Material SS 310, SS 309, Avesta 253
Fabrication and Reverse Engineeing for Oil and Water Filter Inline basket Strainer, Strainer for Lube Oil Tank, Safety Man Basket
Fabrication and Reverse Engineering for Water cooled, Shell & Tube oil cooled, Shell & Tube Water cooled
Fabrication and Reverse Engineering Heat Exchanger
Fabrication Pressure Tank, Oil Tank, Water Tank , Pressure Vessel
Fabrication Scrubber & Separator
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